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Twin-headed Mutant hero

Hero Factory (formerly), Brain Factory


Gun, electro-morning star




Makuhero City

Twin-Krakla is a hero at the Hero Factory.


Twin-Krakla was originally a normal hero named Ambush. When Ambush went on a mission during the Breakout and tried to find the villain he was told to capture, the Brain Attack started and he was infected by two brains as opposed to one like most other beings mutated. was then known as the Twin-Krakla, very dangerous and unlike his former self. He has been called too dangerous to be around by reports.

Abilities and Traits

Twin-Krakla has a spiky tail and an unbreakable hero core.

Brain 1

This head can control the right side of the body, the right side of the body is very rocky and it uses a gun.

Brain 2

This head can control the left side of the body, the left side has a electro-morning star.


  • Mutant Mayhem


Brain No.1

  • "Lets Duaaaaaaaaal"
  • "Yooooooooo Willllllllll not beeeee sooooooo lucky next time"
  • "Weeeeeeeeeeee Willllllllll Destroy Yooooooooo"

Brain No.2

  • "Lets Roooooooock"
  • "Wheeeeen I'm done with Yooooooooo, Yooooooooo'll Willllllllll beeeee seeeeeeeing staaaaaars."


Strength: 20
Agility: 14
Toughness: 17
Mind: 10


  • Originally one brain goes on a host
  • The reason that this brain infected hero can speak is because they where experimental brains.
  • They carry the mask of the hero that they mutated for memory.
  • They some times attack the hero factory to have there core recharged.