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Custom Form

Hero Factory:Deltax7 team


guns,swords, claws





"As some random bloke named bob once said, who ate all the pies?"
―Tye and Neo Sniper

Tyron MercuryHunter (or just Tye for short) is a member of the Deltrax7 team.



Like most Heroes, he came into being in the Assembly Tower, around the same time that Neo Sniper was made. He is a former Recon Team agent, but made the move to Hero Factory after one of his missions went wrong. He was one of the 5 heroes rescued by the Deltrax7 team on Rescaf9.


After the Mission Code named Beautiful Destruction, the Heroes that were rescued were given the chance to join the Deltrax7 team. Neo Sniper and Tye accepted the offer, but the three other Heroes did not. However, to join the team the Heroes had to prove themselves worthy. To do this, they had to complete a training simulation of the mission that the Deltrax7 Team did using their 3.0 forms. This was a test of the Heroes ability to be flexible to their surroundings, but being the cocky member of the group Tye Breezed through them They have been serving with the Team ever since.



Custom Form

Tye is like Daniel Rocka , always ready to jump into things whether he is ready or not. He is also a medic, which allowed him to help the 3 Heroes he and Neo Sniper were rescued with on Rescaf9. He always ends up doing the opposite of what he had planned, and always gets into trouble.


  • 1.0 Form: Tye carried a Sonic Boom Weapon.
  • 2.0 Form: Tye used an Ice Spear Pistol.
  • 3.0 Form: Tye had Twin Eagle Claws and Wing Swords.
  • 4.0 Form: Attack grade tank arm, hero cuffs. In the Breakout, he had an oxygen tank on his back, because the planet were he was sent had a gas leak.
  • Custom Form: Tye carries an upgraded version of his sonic boom weapons, now with amplifiers and a stock.


Strength: 8
Agility: 4
Toughness: 5
Mind: 8


Custom Form

3.0 Form

4.0 (Breakout)


  • He is Neo Sniper's best friend. They are such good friends that they call themselves brothers.
  • His core was made using electricity mixed with quaza and brimstone. 
  • In Breakout, his color scheme changed from red and green to green and black.
  • He is my secondary Self MOC and my favorite so far. 

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