"My duty is to justice, criminal, and before this battle is done, justice will indeed be served."
―Tyler Quake
Tyler Quake
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Tyler Quake (often referred to simply as Quake) is an advanced model of hero, created by the Hero Factory. Though based off a fairly old design, he is a very powerful hero who is often selected for solo missions.


Tyler was originally created many years ago to be the first in a line of elite Hero enforcers made by the Hero Factory. Though Tyler himself proved to be a successful model, the design team behind his creation were forced to shut down the project due to unforeseen circumstances, resulting in the rest of Tyler's model never being produced.

Deciding to utilize Quake's keen abilities anyway, the Hero factory employed Tyler as one of their robotic heroes, often sending him on solo missions that required his abilities and skill. On a number of these missions, he was teamed with fellow hero Todd Rift, the two befriending each other soon after.

For the last several years, Tyler has been vigorously searching for one of Von Nebula's more dangerous henchmen, an agent known as Blazestorm; the reasons for his devotion to the capture of this being is currently unknown. More recently, Tyler and Rift were instructed to take the rookie hero Emma Void under their wing, much to their reluctance.

Abilities & Traits

A powerful and respected force for good, Tyler is looked up to by many other heroes. Even some members of the famous Alpha team led by Preston Stormer. Due to his numerous years of battle, Tyler has become a somewhat hardened and thick skinned warrior.

In addition to great physical strength and durability, Tyler can focus the energy produced by his Hero Core through his hands and eyes in the form of energy blasts and lasers.


Quake is equipped with flight boosters on his feet, and wields a Pulse Slicer as his primary tool, which is capable of releasing powerful energy blasts, as well as serve as an effective melee weapon. He also utilizes a Meteor Launcher. He also has a darkened red hero core.


  • The idea of Tyler being the first of an elite model of heroes is a reference to Toa Helryx's scrapped plans for an army of super-powered warriors starting with a character called Hydros in Toa Hydros' BIONICLE series, The Hydros Chronicles.
  • Tyler Quake was Toa Hydros' first MOC based on the Hero Factory series.