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    So with the end of Hero Factory near on the horizon I'm suddenly reminded of how little I've actually done to promote Jenny Sharp, in recent months.

    While this is in part because I haven't been collecting too many of the Invasion From Below sets, I nonetheless feel I have perhaps been neglecting my duties as the owner of the site's mascot, to continually revamp and photograph her in accordance with each wave of sets.

    Well I'm pleased to announce that won't be the case for much longer.

    My final exam takes place this coming Friday and I will thus be reunited with my colorful plastic collection once I return home that evening. Shortly afterwards I'll be releasing a flurry of new MOCs, at least two of which will be revamps of Sharp in some capacity…

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    Hello there, good people of CHFW. :P

    In a nutshell, this blog post constitutes my entry into the 2013 Christmas Contest. The requirement was to build a hero, villain, or vehicle that was Christmas-themed. So, being the extravagant fellow that I am, I tried to pull off two of them. XD

    This creation is basically a non-canon Hero Factory sleigh. Crime rates are up this year and the villains are stealing all of the presents! :O Truly one of the worst crimes in history!

    But hope isn't lost yet. Santa contacted his old friend, Akiyama Makuro, and the Hero Factory have volunteered to deliver presents this year. :P In this instance, we have Jenny Sharp of Delta 4 and Georgina Scope of Delta 3, teaming up to deliver presents to all the good little boy…

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    August 2013 Update

    August 21, 2013 by BobTheDoctor27

    Greetings my loyal blog-reading-chums. Welcome to the latest in my long line of supposedly monthly blog updates. :D

    (Really, that's false advertising. None of these blogs have been monthly. ) XD

    As many of my CBW fans will know, my activity has diminished because I quit my last job (a Saturday job helping in a museum) now that I've left school and am shipping out to university in September and, instead, have gotten myself a full-time job in a local garden center cafe.

    Of course, it's been heavy-going but I've been earning real money for the first time in my life. :P

    Additionally, tomorrow is my birthday and I've still got a month left of summer holidays, so all is good at the moment. I am content. :D

    Now, because I'm too lazy to write a full blog p…

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    Recently, I saw the BRAIN ATTACK episode…

    After about an hour of ranting and confusion and throwing a brick at a picture of Furno I decided to do something constructive. Thus, I prepared some commentary on the heroes and how the episode changed my attitude towards each of them. I started rambling and, in the end, it turned into a study of each character.

    I hope you enjoy the article.

    Personally, I have always felt sympathy for these characters for LEGO's insincere representation of them. I believe that their prime was during the original Hero Factory saga when their Veteran status actually carried some weight. There was a clear distinction that set these figures apart as seasoned heroes willing to make the sacrifice play and fend off the more da…

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    February 2013 Update

    February 25, 2013 by BobTheDoctor27

    It would seem that I have just finished my practice exams... that's a nice feeling. :P

    Well, I must admit, it's been a long while since I was last here, editing freely, adding stories and making edits. But it would seem that, with my practice exams out of the way, I'm ready to return to editing.

    It would appear that my biggest achievement this month has been the completion of my short story featuring Jenny Sharp's first appearance and a surprise cameo of Core Hunter. This story is short but sweet and I promise you it's totally worth your time.

    While I was in the mood, I also made a couple of modifications to my old Sharp BREAKOUT WIP and turned it into her BRAIN ATTACK form. I hope you like it. :D

    Kitted out with the latest field …

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