hey, it's been a while, i've been REAL busy with school and moving and whatnot, anyways, i've been revising my Hero Factory fanfic Hero Factory: The Next Deunamist making some major changes, here are some of them:

1.The title is now gonna be Special Task Force: Alpha Team

2.the setting remains the same, it takes place in an alternate universe where the characters are humans, it takes place in japan

3, Black Phantom is the true main villan

4. i changed some names of the characters, i haven't come up with names for everyone but here are some that i've come up with:

a. Furno is now Kotaru Takeru

b.Von Nebula is a female and her real name is Vennesa Von Ness

5. character genders have been switched, they are: Von Nebula, Meltdown and Evo

6.the original HF universe still exist and i plan to make a crossover chapter about it

7. the heroes personalities change  whenever they transform and they can communicate with their split personality when looking at a mirror

8.i'm planning a prequel story called Thresher: The First Hero which will focus on Thresher, the first person who vollentered for a special program that makes him a superhuman, it also inclused tha origins of the quasa stone and Black Phantom

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