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  • ChineseLegolas

    CHFW MOC Contest

    August 7, 2018 by ChineseLegolas


    So, yes, this wiki is dead, but our love for Hero Factory continues on. As a bid for a bit of activity on this wiki, some of the older CHFW users came up with the idea of a quick Hero Factory building contest. Nice and simple.

    I added a second requirement, since this contest is the perfect excuse to add a few new listings to the inactive recent activity page. Not only do you have to build a Hero Factory creation, you must also create a page for it, which must be at least 2,000 bytes.

    Contest entrants will submit:

    • Any Hero Factory-based creation: It can be canon, fanon, hero, villain, civilian, etc. There is no requirement for pieces used, but the creation must be created physically. You may not use software to simulate a creation. You may use a…

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  • ChineseLegolas

    Sweatiest tryhard

    September 3, 2017 by ChineseLegolas

    It's a pretty big image and it took about 7 hours so far. i actually don't have much of the duet part written out but chances are it'll be fairly similar to what I had planned for bionicle.

    sorry i'll get back to doing the main page now.

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  • ChineseLegolas

    Steppin' on down.

    March 31, 2015 by ChineseLegolas

    About a minute ago, from the time I write this, I demoted myself from b'crat to administrator. I'm not nearly active enough to hold such a high position. In fact, I don't feel like being an administrator either, but that's the minimum level you have to be at in order to edit the css files. (I at least want to put some more wiki decorations for you all. :P)

    That is all. There are no drastic changes, no fancy stuff.

    Talk | Stories | Bionicle: CCG 

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  • ChineseLegolas

    Bionicle: CCG has entered Alpha phase. The first download is available in the Bionicle: CCG page. There is a link in my signature at the bottom.

    A word of warning: This program is created in the mindset that everyone is familiar with the rules. Everything is done manually, just like a real-life card game. Rules are NOT enforced. Everyone has instant access to any and all cards.

    • After downloading the file, you will have a ZIP. Open it up.
    • Drag the BionicleCCG folder to your desktop, or  whereever you want it.
    • You have "installed" Bionicle: CCG.

    • Open up the program by clicking on the BionicleCCG.exe file.
    • At the top, click "server".
    • Then, click "connect to the game matching server!"
    • To the right, you will see a large list of games and two tabs on to…

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  • ChineseLegolas

    "Mary" 2.0

    December 19, 2014 by ChineseLegolas

    Zany, you haven't seen me on Hearthstone lately.

    Oonie, I haven't badgered you on Skype for the past little while.

    And, finally, Povak, I haven't been on the Collab doc.

    Why? I have been building like a madman, desperate to finish my final lego project of my life before I finally pack them all away for good.

    The final update (Legit, I'm finally done):

    Seras' revamp:

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