Ok, so, certain issues are standing out for me, so, I will address them here, instead of my February Blog.

New Templates!

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New Rollback?

BTD has faithfully served the CHFW for some time now, but, I've noticed that he's rarely on here now, and is spending most of his time on CBW. He's an excellent user, and I greatly respect him, but, I would like to replace him. KEEP IN MIND: I'm considering this for the good of the wiki. So, when YOU'RE considersing upon this issue, do the same.

I want a new rollback due to the sudden influx of new users. (New users! It makes my heart sing, it does!)

Valentine Contest? What happened?


There will be another contest, most likely for Easter. Valentine's Day's contest was cancelled due to the dual Projects.

Project:Wiki Breakout

Good job, guys! Nearly there!

I would, however, like to extend special thanks to two users: SS7, and Oonie. You guys are machines! You really pulled us through, so, thank you.

Project:"We're Taking Over!"

I am leader of this project, similar to Delta's role in the other Project.

This project will be initiated with the following: A 3-man "Podcast Core", the reading-aloud of the New Year's Fiction Contest victor, and two expansions into MOCPages, and

If you would like to be part of the Podcast Core, you must have Skype. Delta and I are in already. 

I will read the winner's story.

People with MOCPages experience, talk to me. You can get that part set up.


You may have noticed some subtle changes! Glowing links, and a slick glow on the background of the wiki. You guys like it? Annnnnnd, that is all! Stay tuned for the real Monthly Blog! I have decided to release it on the wiki's anniversary.