Yep, I am releasing images of FIVE new MoCs, one of which is my Self MoC. And yes, I am planning a...plotline, revolving around some of these characters, but not for a while. So without further ado (I think I spelled that wrong) here they are:

Tim Spike XL

This is the first of Delta Team XL to be posted. When I designed Spike, I was looking for simple ways to build XL's. The reason for this is because I was running low on parts because of an influx of Titans being built at my place (you'll see them, eventually). Now, it doesn't look as good as bubs XLs, but then again, nothing looks better then bub's XLs (XD).

Dunkan Bulk - War Class

This is the start of my new line of Heroes, War Class. The purpose of these heroes is still being decided classified. However, he was fun to build and looks better than some (I won't say that I'm talking about Furno 2.0 who).


Flare Prototype

This was the first form Flare was built in. It is basically the Furno from the Furno Bike with two swords.

Flare 1.0

This is a slightly modified version of the Prototype- The arms can bend. This is critical, because Flare is one of the best sword fighters in Hero Factory. He is now able to block an opponent's strike and not look weird.

Flare 4.0

Built just recently, Flare 4.0 still carries his signature blades (rather, one of his signature blades) along with a Plasma Blaster.


I hope you liked these MoCs, because more are comming!

Whats Next

  • Preston Stormer - War Class
  • Flare 2.0 +3.0
  • The rest of Delta Team XL
  • And many more!