Hi guys, I have just set up plans for a animated story that will not be centered around the Deltrax 7 team. It is going to be a mini series that will come in the form of stop-motion and will have a whole lot of new people in it, including my new best moc, aracnophobia. I wont reveal too much, but I intend to have a 'meet the characters' movie and maybe a trailer uploaded soon, or how long it takes me to make the mocs and photo them, or how long the editing takes, seeing as I have next to NOTHING in experience of making films with windows movie maker.

After the meet the characters is done, you can take a look, and see what one you may want to voice, wheter it be villian or hero. To do this, I will send you an message on your talk page containing things your chosen character says in the movie, then you say them in a voice that is sutible for that character, use a video camera and a black screen so no-one can see your face to record them, and send them in a link to me on my talk page.

The recording system will work like this

1 line of speech per recording. This will allow me to edit if necessary( but i hardly think i will need to!) Please do them in the order i sent them to you in, and put them in a link IN ORDER OF HOW YOU SAID THEM!.

Thank you for your time, and please dont think i am being wierd by asking you to do the speaking as well

MEET THE CHARACTERS- Well, some of them.


Stuart Ambush

A down to earth hero that is a high ranking hero. He takes his work very seriously and dosent like rookies. This team have no official leader.

Cole Bluechest

A Rookie that loves guns. He is armed with a machine-grenade launcher. He is the newest member.