I have been speaking with Wikishmid, and if VNT and Monasti, our two active admins, approve, I hereby start the mascot contest!!!!! This will be a contest to determine the mascot of this wiki. The welcome template will be edited so that our mascot welcomes the user to our wiki, he will talk about the user of the month, and be the official news reporter. In other words, he will be the official voice of Custom Hero Factory Wiki!!! Here are some rules:

1. It must be a custom character. Not a redesign of another character.

2. It must be created using lego bricks, not LDD or Hero Recon team, in order to be able to get all the poses we would need.

3. It needs to have a correctly written article about it.

4. The character must be a Hero

5. It must have several pictures taken of it in different poses, such as brandishing it's weapon, a welcoming pose, etc. These must be high-quality, taken on a white background. So, no carpet or baseboards. A tip would be to hang a white sheet temporarily and setting your model in front of that.

6. The article must have the Mascot Contest Category added to it.

EDIT: See the entries on this blog post! You can also enter your mascots there!

King Joe CHFW Admin, HFRW Admin. Say somethin to me! 00:55, May 2, 2011 (UTC)