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Hello and welcome to the official blog of the brand new story: They Said We Could Be Anything!  This is a collaboration project created by ChineseLegolas (bub), Zanywoop (Zany), TheVinnyLord (Povak), and OonieCacola (Oonie-myself).  The story is about a ragtag group of former villains and heroes coming together in light of Hero Factory's demise.  They meet up and somehow manage to come up with the idea of opening their own convenience store called 7-11000.  This is going to be a series of stories, all relating to the adventures of this most unusual group.


The characters were picked by the crew of writers, each of which has chosen two.  Some are canon characters, while others have been selected from the user's own creations. 

Here's the main cast, along with the user that chose them:

Book 1 is currently being written, and details the origin story to start off the series.  This lighthearted and comedic set of stories is meant to make fun of everyone's sorrow keep spirits up in light of Hero Factory's actual ending in real life.  The first few chapters in particular are being written individually, as each is told from a different character's perspective.  The corresponding writer to each is the same as is listed above.  Also, below a list of chapters and a mini synopsis (like, a really, really mini one).  Be sure to go read the story for yourself!

Chapter Summary

  • Chapter I: Quaza Demon
Quaza Demon is on a search to find their male component, and the quest takes an interesting turn.
  • Chapter II: Seras Anemone
Seras is settling in for another day sometime after the factory's disbanding, and she's called in for a mission.
  • Chapter III: Aphrax
Throwing caution to the wind, recently released villain Aphrax seizes the day with a stroll across the rooftops.
  • Chapter IV: Flamez
Flamez is living on the streets, feeling down on himself, and finds something quite interesting while on his way.
  • Chapter V: Jetbug
Jetbug reflects on the fall of Hero Factory from a villain's perspective, and finds a new friend.
  • Chapter VI: Mark Surge
The factory's closing down, and Surge meets a young rookie who prompts him to do something unexpected.
  • Chapter VII: Julius Nex
Nex is out wandering the streets, distraught over Hero Factory's end, and is in search of a new purpose in life.
  • Chapter VIII: Phred
The infamous jumper Phred is on a most interesting journey through space, on his path towards conquering all.

Feel free to comment here with any questions or critiques!  Updates will come with each new chapter posted!

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