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"People often compare me to Kaixin Utopia. We're both fun-loving, nice, and mischievous gals. I'd be a carbon copy of her, really. But, then again, she always was the one who had the self-control..."
―Valentina Jinx, shortly before eviscerating (censored)
Valentina Jinx
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Valentina Jinx joined the Tau-4 team during the Brain Attack, as a rookie. As the years went by, she eventually gained the Elite status.


During the Brain Attack

Valentina Jinx was created in the Assembly Tower, several hours into the Brain Attack.

As with Kaixin Utopia, she was given no training, and was forced to fight alone, without a team, for some time.

However, Valentina soon became overwhelmed by the Brains. It was only the timely appearance of Caine Tungsten, and Diandra Autopsy that saved her. Valentina had suffered horrendous wounds, especially on her head, when a Brain attempted to take over her. Diandra was able to save her, but not without some... changes to her. These will be written below in the Personality section.

After the Brain Attack

Valentina Jinx was then assimilated into the Tau-4, where she would finally be properly trained and mentored.

It was immediately noticed that Jinx was mentally unstable. Clearly, the Brain had done much more that scratch her (very attractive) paint job. 

However, Valentina has proven herself to be a valuable asset to the team. Mental unstability equals unpredictability, does it not? And a little chaos is always welcome on the battlefield.

However, will Valentina's fluctuating nature be her greatest asset? Or her downfall?

Valentina's story, along with the rest of hte Tau-4's, is continued in the Madness Series.


  • "Lolli-saws": These twin sawblades got their deceptively cuddly name from a passing remark made by a Hero Factory cleaning worker. Due to her unstable nature, Valentina was about to lash out, but then it occured to her that "lolli-saw" really wasn't a bad idea. it amused her that she would be eviscerating foes with something named after lollipops. So, the name stuck, and the cleaning worker only suffered minor bouts of depression and seizures from then on. The weapons themselves are simple sawblades, one that might be found at any metal foundry. Simple as they are, they are very intimdating weapons, capable of shredding through a solid foot of steel with relative ease.
  • Heat-seeking ion missile launcher: A multi-purpose missile launcher. Can be used for long-range, mobile targets, as well as tight clusters of infantry. The warhead is ion-powered, with a velocity of nearly 750 m/s, 150% the speed of a ballistic missile of the same size.This weapon, along with Jinx's "lolli-saws" are the reason why she is assigned the role of the Jack of All Trades within the Tau-4 Team.
  • The Chaotic Log: Reflects her fluctuating attitude. Effects of this Log are varied, and can include information from someone else, herself, or anything in the future. Some informantion may not be relevant. However, to offset this, her updates are every minute.


As said before, Valentine suffers from a variety of mental disorders, the two most prominent ones being ADHD, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and mania, akin to the human's Bipolar I Disorder.

That is, Valentina is difficult to keep in one spot for more than five minutes, and she exhibits aggression, occasional self-neglect, and the rare psychotic feature, usually a hallucination. No matter how insane she sounds, Jinx is nowhere near as psychotic as "Mary". "Mary"'s mental situation cannot even be classified, and for one thing, Valentina does not have the tendency to run around killing people. It must be said, however, Valentina does like to vent her anger by hitting things... preferably enemies.

Thankfully, Caine, Dustin, and Vyander have put all their efforts into taming Valentina. Through rigourous military training, Jinx has learned to put a leash on herself. Normally, Valentina is what anyone would classify as "normal". However, during stressful and traumatic situations, she slips a little of the hinge...

However, it is well known that Valentina is a truly brave Hero, despite her mental issues. She is respected for her fighting prowess and ability to improvise. She is a good Hero at heart, and everybody knows it.

Tournament Standings

Valentina Jinx usually places in the top four during the Tau-4 Monthly Tournaments

  • Her "lolli-saws" are truly frightening as close range. Usually, she doesn't even need to swing them. You make the first strike, and in a flurry of sparks, she has already disarmed you.
  • As was said before, Valentina does like hitting people. Just because she's facing a teammate doesn't mean she'll go easy. She's on of the few Heroes who never holds back during the Tournaments.


Maximum value of 12.

Strength: 10
Agility: 11
Toughness: 9
Mind: 12