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" This isn’t right. Xion has changed the planet. He’s morphing it into what he wants it to be, a harsh land where evil always prevails."
―Iruini talking about the planet.
Varios V
Varios V
Type Agricultural
Moons 1
Rotation Period 24 Hours
Orbital Period 362 Days
Orbital Position 5
Native Species None (robots)

Varios V is an agricultural world. It's climate is perfect for agriculture.


The Schemes of Makuta Xion

Makuta Xion arrived with his allies on Varios V to plan the downfall of the biggest threat against galaxywide domination: Hero Factory.

The Arrival of the Red Dino

The inhabitance of Varios V were scared at the arrival of the "Red Dino" named Skirmix. The Heroes returned to Varios V when they learned that Makuta Xion was there with more forces.

The Xion Fortress

The Heroes Mark Surge, Natalie Breez and Nathan Evo were captured by Xion's allied and taken to the Xion Fortress. The planet had already physically changed as Xion's powers had already morphed the planet. Marcus Sparrow managed to save the heroes and fled back their ship. The group escaped to a farm.

Protection of the Farm

On the farm, the local Nazari were being threatened. The group agreed to help them if they could use their ship to escape. The Nazari farmers agreed. The group saved the farmers, so they left the planet. As they left, a shield was raised to protect the planet from Hero Factory.

Other Information

Since Varios V is an agricultural world, there is quite a lot of wildlife on this planet. There are many large creatures that are harvested and also much birdlife.


  • This world is supposed to be similar to the agricultural parts of New Zealand.