Velocity team, one of the only speed based Hero Factory teams. When something needs to stop, and soon, the tower calls the velocity team. With their quick vehicles, and even quicker members, they are the team with speed. 


The Velocity Team was formerly led by Zip Weaver, but after he turned evil, Flame took his place. If they don't finish their job, they keep trying until they can. They have a bitter rivalry against the villain team: The Gamma Division Villains.

The team went on the Trials by Ice, and defeated the Ice Lord, Deep Freez, Axor, and Znow. They then fought the Gamma Division and Vortex, saving Gamma Division from utter destruction. The velocity team is made for speed. It is the fastest team in the Hero Factory


  • Flame: An HF recon team prototype gone wrong, kicked out because he one tried to melt the leader Merick Fortis, Flame is now the leader of velocity team. He can transform into a red flying dragon with nearly white hot fire breath, and occasionally his personality is just the same. His many weapon of choice is his dual 8 barreled plasma mini gun. With his weapon and his special abilities, he is a leader fit to lead Velocity team!
  • Jack Dino: Made in 3.0 Jack's animal power was a raptor. He has night black armor,making it easy for his to blend into the dark jungles of quartos. With his raptor like legs for extra speed, along with his claw weapons, he'll make any Villain wish they could run fast enough!
  • Shaun Burst: Sadly now retired Shaun was a extremely powerful hero. Once a villain, he tried to destroy Makuhero city during the breakout. He later joined velocity team. Later he went to back up team, where he received more training than velocity could teach him. Though now retired, he was a force to be reckoned with!
  • Luke Hayx:Resembling a raw jaw with his huge hands, and smaller than average frame, Luke his immense power for his size! His animal power being that of a gorilla, he has huge fist, perfect for bashing any Villain. His black and gunmetal grey armor is extremely thick, making it nearly impossible to penetrate. Now upgraded for the next mission to round up the remaining Brains in the sewer, he is basically a super charged wrecking ball!
  • Zipja: This stealthy ninja is every villain, and some heroes, worse nightmare! His black stealth armor allows his to blend into anywhere. He has the animal power of the snake, giving him an little advantage over his opponent. He was the original brains of the group. He always has at least a trick up his sleeve, or even on his back, whether it's his special red plasma daggers, or his plasma charged sword, he always know a way to take down everyone!
  • Sparks: Built by Luke's pet minifig, this hero is more of a suit than anything. Powered by imagination infused Quaza, sparks is one imaginative guy! Built by the minifig named Micle, and painted the same blues, red and yellow colors. he is the only not official hero in possibly all of the hero factory!
  • Electrok: Electrok is a walking talking power plant, a super charged, super fast hero. He has the ability to shoot electricity at any opponent his wishes, frying then from inside out, or making them explode entirely. Villains better stay away from this normally life giving energy filled hero!
  • Glitch: As the name suggests, though incredibly smart Glitch is well, glitchy! Luckily a very understanding person, when ever he forgets where he is or what he's doing, all he needs is to look at the table he was working at, or for someone to remind him. Though he may have some problems, the villains better beware of his brains, for in a seconds notice he can take down his opponent in a matter of seconds!
  • Eliana Angelic: This angel came to the Velocity team in the middle of the break out. Though she is the newest member, she and the team have all ready grown on each other. Her pure white armor, along his her angel like wings, she's able to fly for as long as she needs to. Even with a simple staff the villains better look out for this angel!
  • Tekron: The newest brains of the group. He is able analyze any substance he comes across by simply putting in his arm! He has been one of the reasons the team has the advanced armor that all heroes have! His blue and white armor makes him easy to spot, but with his master hacking skills, he will see the villain and shut him down before he even mows Tekron is there!


  • These are all characters of users on the lego message boards, HF role play. Many of the people who played these characters have long since retired