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Von Nebula
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Nebulus Arm


Black Hole Orb Staff


Alive, in hiding



Von Nebula, formerly Von Ness, was a Hero for the Hero Factory, and later the leader of the Nebulus Arm, now one of the most feared groups in the universe.


Von Ness was created in the Assembly Tower. He was member of Preston Stormer`s first team. On a particular mission in Makuhero City itself, Von Nebula`s cowardice nearly destroyed the city, and resulted in the death of his team leader. Blaming Stormer for this, he left, becoming Von Nebula.

After a few decennia, Von Nebula had gathered a group of villains, outcasts, and other scum, and spread a wave of evil over the universe section of Makuhero City. This not being unknown to the Hero Factory, they created an advanced species of heroes, the Mod-Heroes, named after their building process being modified. One of them, Kelvin Bronze, was send on a mission with Stormer to capture Von Nebula, together with the Alpha Team. In the battle, Von Nebula succeeded in bringing Bronze to the ground, leaving him to Nebula`s mercy. When the Alpha Team interfered, Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk were killed, yet before killing Stormer, he was temporarily stunned by bullets of Bronze. Taking Stormer away before he was able to move again, Bronze escaped from Nebula. A few weeks later, Von Nebula was caught by Bronze and Hunt.

Decennia later, when Kelvin was a team leader himself, Von Nebula escaped alongside several criminals. Hiding on a planet in the Milky Way, Nebula founded the Nebulus Arm, an organization composed of the criminals he freed, and several more beings. One of them, Wormhole, would become his highest-ranked henchbot.

Abilities and Traits

As Von Ness, Von Nebula wore a Pulse Rifle, using air from the planets around him to fire bullets. He wore reinforced armor, and a helmet with visor for desert missions, where he was specifically built for. He was not very brave, often afraid to go out alone or take action himself.

After the accident at Makuhero City, his attitude changed. Being completely convinced Stormer caused his leader to die, he became full of hatred for Hero Factory and Preston Stormer. He became more cruel, and only wanted to bring destruction. After his imprisonment, he became somewhat crazy, often seeing visions of heroes around him, and fearing heroes enough to destroy each coming too close. He also adopted a cape to hide his weak spot, his back.



  • The version shown in the picture is modified with his arms and legs, and with an added cape.