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4.0 Form

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Affliction Hero Factory
Colors Black, Blue
Team Unknown
Location Unknown
Status Alive

Von Ness, later known as Von Nebula "The Mastermind", was a dark and mysterious leader of various villains within the Hero Factory Universe, now a Hero.


Like all heroes, Von Ness was created in the assembly tower at Makuhero City.

Early Life

Von Ness fled during a battle with the New Stellac Drone. His cowardly act, almost causing fatality to his leader, Thresher.

Abilities and Traits

Von Ness is very cowardly, and has a cool personality, He has a lot of patience, and is the one of most experienced in Hero Factory


Von Ness is black and blue, and has some electric powers.


Von Ness has Hero Cuffs, and a giant blaster on his arm.