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Wasp is a mutated Waspix, the adopted sister of Crystal Green, and one of two non-Hero members of Dart Team.


Early Life

Wasp worked with Synastir.

Dart Team

After Crystal was kidnapped by Synastir, Gary tried to save her, but was ultimately transformed into Nery Sureshot, a cold heartless killer, who was after Heroes. After Crystal convinced Wasp to leave, Wasp helped her break out, since Gary was a killer who was after Heroes, they decided to make Wasp a Hero, giving her an Edged Sword, and a fake Hero Core to trick him, eventually Nery was subdued by Dart Team, but he was able to escape, the team, now assisted by Vody, went to Synastir's hideout, and brought Nery back. She later adopted the last name Green, after White found out that she wasn't registered in the database because she didn't have one.

Abilities and Traits

As a Waspix, her mentality was described as unstable. She is apparently very strong, as she was able to hold Crystal while flying. She is also known to be extremely powerful if enraged, as she was able to single-handedly do a number on members of Synastir, and Gary. Since she doesn't have a real Hero Core, she is sometimes used as bait to trick villains, and Nery once.


Wasp uses a Shooter, and an Edged Sword. She also has a stinger which she doesn't use on others. She later inherited Crystal's Dual-blade. She later gave her Edged Sword to Steve.


  • Escape


  • She is the first one who wasn't forced into the Humanfiaction Project, as she did it herself.
  • She is the only member of Dart Team without any sort of blue, as Gary has his Flame Sythe.
  • Wasp is the only member of Dart Team who are not fully armored.
  • For some reason Rec kept trying to have some sort of tragedy happen to her, the first was to have her suffer from side effects from her transformation, the second involved her being fused with Aqua. Eventually he decided to have something happen to Armando, who needed more of a back story.
  • Wasp, Steve, and Larry are the only members of Dart Team who are left handed, not counting Armando who is ambidextrous.
  • Wasp and Larry are the only members of Dart Team whose "helmets" and hands are not the same color.

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