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"If you get out of my way now, I might let you see another day."






Wavern was once a rare kind of hero who later became one of Von Nebula's servants.


During the beginning of Von Nebula's corruption a team of heroes where being created in the Hero Factory Assembly Tower so Preston Stormer's team wouldn't be overrun with all the criminal activity increase. However, Von Nebula still had connections with Hero Factory and sabotaged the Hero Factory Assembly Ttower and only two of the heroes survived. Von Nebula had placed explosives within the Hero Factory Assembly Tower and after these explosives were detonated Hero Factory Tower had suffered majorly. Quickly the damages were repaired, meanwhile the two heroes that survived: Brandon Blitz and Andrew Wave were trained and were assigned to Stormer's team. After countless battles bewteen Nebula's henchmen Andrew Wave started believing that maybe he was on the wrong side and this lead to him joining Nebula's organization, changing his appearence, and changing his name to Wavern. After the major crime spree Von Nebula mysteriously stopped attacking Makuhero City and went into hiding with his allies hiding as well including Wavern.

Abilities & Traits

When Wavern was known as Andrew Wave he was a technician of laser-based and gravity adjusting units. Wave as a hero was shy and would dedicate himself to acomplish anything that he faced. He would count how many criminals he has defeated with Brandon Blitz. Wave had befriended Brandon Blitz and depended on him in alot of situations and his dependence factor was an error caused when He was first created due to Von Nebula sabotaging the Hero Factory Assembly Tower. This lead to Von Nebula hiring him as his technology manager.

After Wavern joined Nebula's group his armour was upgraded to be more resistant to melee atacks and engery based attacks. Wavern was given detachable wings that allowed him to quickly maneuver above ground by decreasing gravity around the user. With the new upgrades Wavern can fire energy pulses through his claws, any weapon, and his eyes.


Wavern's most usefull weapon in combat is his Disintegration Blade that can invalid blasts and destroy barriers with ease. Wavern also carries a Meteor Blaster with a blade attached. Wavern uses spheres made out of a speical material that explodes when it's fired at a solid object. His Mask is also powerless, even though it is shown as a Shelek.