William Hawks

Hero Factory


Claws, Wings, Two Wrist Blades, Two Knives, Rifle with Bayonet, Two Khopesh-ER Blades




Makuhero City

William Hawks is the leader of Beta 1 team. He has become a 2.0, 3.0, and XL Hero who demonstrates his powers greatly.


William Hawks leads his team into battle, streaming at superphoto (faster than light) speeds, with his giant wings. His feet are actually claws, and he can rake enemies with them if he needs to.

He led his team into battle against the Confederation of Super Villainy (CSV), and came out barely alive. Horakhty came to him in a dream, and he evolved into his XL form, getting ready for a battle against all of the previous villains, that have been reborn. He ends up winning, and is given the ability to move between his forms at will. He goes into a 2.0 form briefly, to protect a member of Omega team.


  • In his 3.0/original form, he has two bird claws, two spikes on his legs, two wrist blades, two knives, and a set of Falcon-FX wings, upgraded with Darius-RX wings and Ranger-SD wings.
  • In his 2.0 form, he has a rifle with a Laser Blade-PWR attached as a Bayonet.
  • In his XL form, his bird claws are his hands, and he has two Khopesh-ER blades on his hands. His wings are also changed, to Hora-XL wings.


  • He is based on the Egyptian God Horakhty, but he is not immortal and can be killed.
    • He is the counterpart of Furno, who had his 3.0 form based on Horus, another Egyptian Falcon God.