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Witch Doctor
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The Witch Doctor, formerly known as Aldous Witch, is a villain on the Savage Planet.


Aldous Witch was once someone obsessed with Quaza and he once tried to implant a quaza-core into his chest. He even created a hero with a core and corrupted Quaza. However, Stormer stopped him and Aldous was exiled. It is unknown as to how he got his frightening form later.
A Robot of TS22

Aldous' first form.

The Witch Doctor first appeared on the Savage Planet around the same time as Von Ness's betrayal to Stormer and Thresher. He was spotted to be a large, white figure, trampling several Laveus Trees with his towering legs. He was noted to have a skull-like face and he could shoot laser beams out of his eyes. He shot some of those beams at another tall tree, sending it bursting into flames. This caused the total-devastation of the Merachi Forest, which was the place he was first sighted. His hideous appearence earned himself the name "Witch Doctor," a name which people found to be suitable for him.


The Witch Doctor during his first sighting.

The Witch Doctor would later temporairly take Rocka hostage with help from two Fangz beasts, when the Hero crash-landed on Quatros. Soon, when his fellow Heroes found him, a battle ensued. The Heroes fought off the Witch Doctor's beasts until they made it to the Witch Doctor's hideout. Stormer attempted battling the brute, but failed. As this happened, the corrupted Quaza spikes controlling the villains were destroyed. Luckily, Rocka XL stepped into the battle and managed to battle the Witch Doctor in order to lend Stormer a chance to snatch the villain's Skull Staff and break it in half. This caused the Witch Doctor to lose most of his power, which gave the Heroes the chance to Hero-Cuff him and bring him to the Hero Factory Prison Center.

However, the Black Phantom later attacked the prison center and released all of the Villains held captive there - including the Witch Doctor.

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