XIII Dark Masters
Headquarters Unknown
Leader Brandex
Goal To destroy the Hero Factory.
Status Unknown
Allies Xigbar


Enemies The Hero Factory and all of it's Heroes

The XIII Dark Masters are a group of Villains brought together by Brandex from across time and space.


Originally thought of by Puzzle-Brandex to create a set of war machines to destroy the Hero Factory. this attempt however failed until, out of nowhere came the Brandex of the past with the ability to travel throw time, as once believed in the far past. This made Puzzle-Brandex interested and told his past self to visit other versions of himself and his close ally's to come together for another day.

Years past and the XIII Dark Masters wear united, they tried to tern others to join them, only to fail again and made enemies. They now have the power to destroy the Hero Factory, it is unknown when or why they haven't yet.


No. I the ghost of Brandex, the leader of the dark masters.

No. II Brandex when he was alive and had the ability to time travel. This character is the one responsible for bringing the dark masters together.

No. III The cybernetic form of Brandex before his battle with Kevin Puzzle.

No. IV Xigbar a former ally to Puzzle-Brandex.

No. V Puzzle-Brandex the one responsible for the existence of this cabal of villains.

No. VI Grandex one of Puzzle-Brandexs' experiments.

No. VII The Moon's Shadow another experiment of Puzzle-Brandex.

No. VIII Serandex the third of the experiment's created.

No. XI Zeerock an old rival of Xigbar.

No. X The Dark Claw the final experiment done by Puzzle-Brandex,it is unknown why though.

No. XI A former assistant of Brandex.

No. XII An unknown figure.

No. XIII Silvestre Shadow possibly an ally of Brandex in the far future.



  • The XIII Dark Masters was based on a group called Organization XIII.
    • This also explains why some of the members have an 'X' in their name.
  • So far only Xigbar and Grandex have a separate color theme to the rest of the dark masters.