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Affliction Villain
Colors Brown, Gray, Green, Red, White
Team Villains
Location Hero Factory Prison
Status Alive

XT5 is a mysterious villain who apparently appeared out of nowhere. He easily defeated Toxic Jawblade and stole Rorno's parts to upgrade himself. He was later defeated by Furno.


Nobody knows where XT5 came from. Some believe XT4 modified himself to become a new villain. Others say that he was another force that helped during the Breakout. Some say that he came out of Von Nebula's black hole, but the truth remains unknown.


XT5 has a customized Lava Blaster that can stab characters with great force but doesn't fire, a Destructive Whip, a Magna Stabber and Fist, and a Double Magma Javelin. In next generation form he doesn't have the Magma Stabber and Fist, instead he has a Toxic Sword, Shark Hammer, and an Arm Cannon with a flamethrower attached to it.