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General Information

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Misc. Information

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Xetrozex is the leader of the evil group known as The Grax Gang. He is a merciless villain and deeply despises Hero Factory.


Xetrozex started out as a small time criminal, quickly gaining popularity for his tendency to leave a mark of his own wherever he had been. He was both evil and genius, because he had many deals with other villains, some contradicting the will of others. As he made a name for himself, Hero Factory had caught on to him soon enough, and managed to foil many of his plans.

The Grax Gang

Xetrozex was close friends with one of the founders of the gang. He along with several of his kind were the first recruits. During his time on the team, Xetrozex proved himself a force to be reckoned with, once nearly taking another member's head off as a threat. Despite this, Xetrozex has been known to have a 'softer' side, and cares more about the gang than most other things.

When the three original gang creators died, Xetrozex was not actually the first in line to lead. In fact, it took nearly half a year before his promotion. From then on, Xetroxex led the gang through multiple feats of triumph and villanous missions.


For reasons currently unknown, Xetrozex led the Grax Gang to -CONFIDENTIAL- where they set up shop until Boost Team arrived to re-capture them. Xetrozex himself was around and about the system, working deals with other criminal organizations and mantaining the gang.

Abilities and Traits

Although Xetrozex is the leader of his gang, he is not the most agile or bulky. In fact, he fits around the middle of the pack in terms of physical traits. He does not utilize any special powers if he has any, and usually relies on his weapons. He is known to be tricky with his words, and quite smart when it comes to manipulating others. He's no fraud when people call him a mastermind, but he is able to keep a stern attitude when necessary.


Not much is known about Xetrozex's arsenal. His lesser known weapons include hidden blades, armor add-ons, and multiple guns. He is more commonly seen using his staff (of which nearly nothing is known about) and his mounted blaster. Other than that, Xetrozex rarely uses any other gear.

Armor-wise, Xetrozex utilizes fairly basic armor, wearing a color scheme of gunmetal-grey and black, with slight hints of dark red. His helmet is said to be forged from three very unusual ores/elements, one of which is a distant relative of raw quaza, and another that is like strong steel.


Maximum value is 25

Strength: 20
Agility: 21
Toughness: 22
Mind: 23


  • Xetrozex's head design was made without knowing the official Brain Attack villain used a similar version