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Magma Launcher





Xplo-Magma was known as the brother of XPlode.


Around the galaxy he was a criminal-for-hire, and became a multi-millionaire due to his success. He has a reward placed on him on every inhabited planet within 1000 light years, just like XPlode. Dark Macoolu hired him to destroy the Hero Factory. He and three others were sent to take over the mining planet and take the miners to be mind controled. A team of Heroes tried to stop them,but they failed and Xplo-Magma killed them.

Later, him and Melldo made an Illgeal Fight Club and they have made millions of dollars with it. However, before he was going to stab Melldo in the back, the Hero came to stop them and they both got away. Later, they went to get some payback and kill a lot of Heroes. Him and Melldo were later hired and were sent to purposely be captured by the Hero Factory. When they were captured, they used a device to break their Hero-Cuffs. When they broke the cuffs, they killed 10 Heroes and they helped 20 other Villains escape to aid in a much larger plan.

In the unknown parts of space, Xplo-Magma was sent to guard Melldo while he is making an alliance with Fire King and an unknown ex-Hero.


Strength: 9
Agility: 4
Toughness: 7
Mind: 6