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The Z-CORIX 9.5 was a Hero Factory experiment on a Hero originally named Rick Power in an attempt to try and harness all the elemental energies into a single Hero.


Hero Life

Rick Power was a Hero Factory experiment In the CORIX Project, an experiment to make the ultimate elemental Hero. The experiment was a success, but the workers did not know that there was an overdose of shadow which was slowly turning Rick evil. After the experiment was dubbed a 'success', Akiyama Makuro ordered a clone to be made of Rick. This clone would have the same elements, but a different personality and gender. His clone became Xanthe Power, but one other thing was different to Rick. In order to make a clone with an opposite gender to the template the elements had to go in the opposite place to its elemental opposite, meaning light went in the over-sized elemental canister, creating an overdose of light.

Battle of the Elements

After a while, Xanthe realized Rick was turning evil. On his Mission on Swakows 5, Rick killed his teammate Nick Blades, not to Xanthe's surprise. The two then engaged in elemental combat and after they both collided light and dark energies, the blast turned them into god forms. Rick then became Z-CORIX, demon of the shadows, yet was seemingly captured and imprisoned.

Villain Life

Z-CORIX went under many upgrades and became Z-CORIX 9.5 XL. When he escaped prison, he encountered and got into a fight with Oli Death XXXL. He was thrown in to the Xl-er, which was manually adjusted by Oli to start at Z-CORIX size. Oli manually used the XL-er to shrink Z-CORIX 9.5 XL down to Z-CORIX 9.5. He was then Hero-Cuffed and sent back to prison, where he remains to this day.