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"Yay! Let's kick some villains' butt!"
―Zane Fire, Trails of fire
Zane Fire






Zane Fire was a hero built in the Breakout era and was trained privately for a while by Mr Makuro. Later, he was transfered to Backup team.


Zane Fire was built in the breakout era and was trained personally by Mr Makuro. After gaining veteran status, he joined  the newly formed Backup team by Tim Blast . He was trained in his skills further by Tim Blast and was very brave in a mission with them resulting him being invited by the undercover hero leader, Daz(A MOC made by Blazingturtle31 on Youtube), to be an undercover hero.He gladly accepted it and was upgraded with a hiding hero core device. He managed to trick the villains a couple of times and even captured some while the rest aren't looking.Then, he earned one of the top hundred ranks. Soon, when the brain creatures came, Fire was upgraded to brain attack form to go underwater and catch the brain creatures in the water. He was equipped with swimming boots to be able to swim faster underwater. He also got a waterproof projectile firing gun which can shoot at enemies if necessary.

These are Zane Fire's teammates:


"How long must we wait to be able to strike?"
―Zane Fire asking impatiently, Trails of fire
"I don't know Burst. He's a dangerous villain"
―Zane Fire replying to Shaun Burst's question, Rock Fall

Abilities and traits

He is one of the first heroes which uses the element of fire in other colours. His green fire can poison his enemies so that they'll soon drop to the ground and get arrested.


Zane Fire is rather impatient, like Shaun Burst. However, overtime, he managed to control his patience and now he can wait for anything much longer. He also likes to joke a lot when he is not doing any missions. He is also very brave and that was the reason that he was invited to become an undercover hero.


  • Heavy duty bladed gun: This gun's accuracy is 100% and it shoots out poison fire. It also has blades to do close-ranged attack.
  • Healing blade: Recharges the cores of heroes without using the cable where they transfer one hero's quaza to another.
  • Waterproof projectile firing gun: A gun which is waterproof and can shoot projectiles at enemies.



Maximun stats are 20

Strength: 6
Agility: 15
Toughness: 10
Mind: 20