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Natural tools Unknown
Status Extinct
Location Makuhero Museums

Zercatillons were a race of prehistoric creatures.


The Zercatillons ruled over the territory that is now Makuhero City before Mr.Makuro or any other life form inhabited it. Most of the Zercatillons ate leaves. They mainly killed each-other when one was near the others home, unless they were both related. They sadly went extinct by an earthquake that was possibly set up by a alien villain that died 600 years ago. Now their bones and remains can only be seen in museums or in the hands of archaeologists.

Abilities and Traits


Zercatillion's remains

Zercatillions two flexible arms at the back of its body. They also ram as hard as a rhinoceros and can run as fast as a cheater.


In ancient times:

Strength: 35
Agility: 27
Toughness: 31
Mind: 14


  • It looks similar to a Centaur
  • Some people think that they survived their fate
  • Some mad scientists have tried to bring back this ancient beast