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"If there's one thing a hero must not do, it's panic. Even in the worst situations."
Lucas El, Darkness Overwhelmed
Zeta 6
Headquarters Makuhero City, Assembly Tower
Leader Lucas El
Holly Duska
Goal Keep villains in captivity, successfully complete missions given
Status Active
Allies Hero Factory
Enemies Shark Man
Toxic Creepa
Dark Warriors
Army of Water
Shooter Knight
Uncle Z'Chaya's Army

The Zeta 6 team was a group of Heroes built for emergency situations.


Lucas El's Lead


Little is known about the first situation of Zeta 6's creation. El has never discussed this and possibly does not want to talk about it, which may mean something bad had happened.

To Find Peace Saga

The Zeta team played the most major role in this saga. Due to the unmatchable power of the Dark Warriors and Army of Water, the only hopes were new heroes Sarah Sini and Rico Firal, heroes specifically built for battle against these two villain groups. When an unstoppable group, Final Generation, joins the fight, El, Vector, Scout and Spike are killed in the unstoppable battle.

Holly Duska's Lead

More Heroes

With four of the nine heroes dead, Hero Factory created more heroes to replace them. Simon Blasen, Phillip Crest, Julian Flast, and Sam Dulti were the first ones. As most Hero Factory workers know, every 100 years, a very special hero is created. And that hero this time was Ashton Meleka.

The Trial Division

Lenker, Shotgunner, Aeri, Wensler, and Scoper were created soon after. However, unable to cram all five heroes into the rookie division, the trial division was formed and only Lenker and Shotgunner moved on to the rookie division.


  • The Founding Division includes the first heroes of the team. The entire division was wiped out in Last Memories.
  • Specialist heroes are the second group of heroes and include heroes that have a unique personality.
  • Fighters are heroes that use advanced techniques for fighting.
  • The Rookie division has heroes that have been made after Last Memories.
  • Heroes on Trial have just been created and do not know as much as the others.
Hero Specialism Division Weapons
Lucas El Founder of Zeta 6, Leader Founding
  • Anti-Gravity Boots (Abandoned)
  • Fire Sword (Abandoned)
  • Energy Daggers (Abandoned)
  • Mega Fist (Abandoned)
  • Metal Shield (Abandoned)
  • Dual Fire Shooter (Abandoned)
  • Fire Stingers
  • Plasma Gun
  • Missile Drone
  • Mine Drone
Ness Vector Second In Command Founding
  • Jetpack (Abandoned)
  • Dual Wrench (Abandoned)
  • Double Edged Sword (Abandoned)
  • Air Blaster (Abandoned)
  • Dual Phoenix Sword
  • Blocker Shield
  • Metal Shield
Luke Scout Scout Founding
  • Data Blown
Samuel Spike None Founding
  • Micro Double Daggers (Abandoned)
  • Fire Sword (Abandoned)
  • Antidote Laser (Abandoned)
  • Metal Shield (Abandoned)
  • Harpoon Crossbow (Abandoned)
  • Energy Shield (Abandoned)
  • Albatross Wings
  • Super Sniper
  • Power Sword
Holly Duska Future Leader Specialist
  • Multi-Tool Ice Shield (Abandoned)
  • Mega Fist
  • Metal Shield
Michael Dunkan Battle Specialist Specialist
  • Mega Claw (Abandoned)
  • Claw Shooter
Noah Eston None Specialist
  • Double Scope Snipers (Abandoned)
  • Plasma Gun
  • Bat Wings
Sarah Sini Legend Specialist
  • Electric Spear Sniper
  • Multi-Tool Ice Shield
Rico Firal Antidote for Army of Water Specialist
  • Fire Scope Sniper
  • Mega Claw
John Siege Recon Member Fighter
  • Ice Blaster (Abandoned)
  • Multi-Tool Ice Shield
Simon Blasen Sniper Specialist Fighter
  • Twin Snipers (Abandoned)
  • Shoulder Fire (Abandoned)
  • Sniper with Fire Sword
  • Plasma Gun
Phillip Crest Mechanics Specialist Fighter
  • Thunder Blades (Abandoned)
  • Plasma Sword Gun
  • Thunder Blaster and Saw-blade
Ashton Meleka Melee Hero Rookie
  • Claw (Abandoned)
  • Metal Shield (Abandoned)
  • Jetpack (Abandoned)
  • Jet Wings (Abandoned)
  • Pincers (Abandoned)
  • Dual Fire Shooter (Abandoned)
  • Double Edged Dagger (Abandoned)
  • Energy Daggers (Abandoned)
  • Triple Sword (Abandoned)
  • Jump Boots (Abandoned)
  • Energy Shield (Abandoned)
  • Destruction Whip (Abandoned)
  • Toxic Resistant Shoulder Gear (Abandoned)
  • Dark Energy Resistant Shoulder Gear (Abandoned)
  • Eagle Sword (Abandoned)
  • Crossbow (Abandoned)
  • Spear Belt
  • Scout Drones
  • Golden Dagger
  • Silver Defense
  • Shield
  • Splittable Double Sword
  • Shoulder Cannon
  • Night Vision
  • Quaza Tube
Julian Flast Adviser Rookie
  • Jet Wings (Abandoned)
  • Fire Sniper (Abandoned)
  • Fire Blaster (Abandoned)
  • Double Guns (Abandoned)
  • Triple Shooter (Abandoned)
  • Anti-Toxic Gear (Abandoned)
  • Sabertooth Claw (Abandoned)
  • Double-Edged Baton (Abandoned)
  • Skates (Abandoned)
  • Fire Blaster (Abandoned)
  • Anti-Toxic Armor (Abandoned)
  • Throwing Spears (Abandoned)
  • Speed Bike (Abandoned)
  • Shoulder Cannon
  • Eagle Sword
  • Antidote Blaster
  • Power Shield
  • Super Chestplate
  • Protective Mask
Sam Dulti Rookie Division Leader Rookie
  • Claw (Abandoned)
  • Spear Shooter (Abandoned)
  • Claw with Scout Drone (Abandoned)
  • Antidote Sword (Abandoned)
  • Super Claw (Abandoned)
  • Power Arm Joint (Abandoned)
  • Multi-Sword (Abandoned)
  • Missile Launcher (Abandoned)
  • Tornado Crossbow (Abandoned)
  • Laser Cutter (Abandoned)
  • Golden Dual Sword (Abandoned)
  • Rear Armor (Abandoned)
  • Shoulder Cannon
  • Dual Sword
  • Dual Fire Shooter
  • Defense Chestplate
  • Spiked Shield
  • Scout Drone
  • Defensive Helmet
Joseph Lenker Rookie of Rookies Rookie
  • Dual Fire Shooter (Abandoned)
  • Scout Drones (Abandoned)
  • Mounted Cannon/Jetpack (Abandoned)
  • Sharp Shoulder Weapons (Abandoned)
  • Striker Baton (Abandoned)
  • Power Tech Flame Powered Laser Cutting Missile Shooting Map Viewer Machine (Abandoned)
  • Thunder Blade
  • Upgraded Ice Shield
  • Plasma Shooter
  • Power Scope
  • Cool-Vision Helmet
  • Power Chestplate
David Shotgunner Shotgun Specialist Rookie
  • Plasma Shooter (Abandoned)
  • Jetpack (Abandoned)
  • Multi-Mode Super Weapon
  • Energy Double Sword
  • Advanced Jetpack
Joseph Aeri Sky Scout Trial
  • Flier Wings (Abandoned)
  • Eagle Sword (Abandoned)
  • Scout Drones (Abandoned)
  • Plasma Shooter (Abandoned)
  • Cyber-Helmet
  • Power Drills
  • Advanced Jet Wings
  • Scout Blasters
  • Jet Missiles
Alex Wensler Dagger Specialist Trial
  • Piercing Claws (Abandoned)
  • Piercing Boots (Abandoned)\
  • Double Plasma Sniper
  • Complex Dagger
Ben Scoper Enemy Tracker Trial
  • Spear and Plasma Shooter (Abandoned)
  • Scope (Abandoned)
  • Sword
  • Multi-Tool Ice Shield
  • Power Scope
Jack Mendel Mechanic Trial
  • Double Flamethrowers
  • Wielder
  • Quaza Batteries
  • Mending Baton