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The Zobort killers are a number of killers who use the Zobort calling card. There have been four Zobort killers so far.

You may be looking for the article on the first Zobort Killer.

Zobort Killers

First Zobort

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The first Zobort Killer

The first Zobort was a ruthless killer who had killed many people. His actions put him up against Hero Factory a few times, though he came out on top nearly every time. Eventually, a group of heroes known as the H team were able to apprehend him, though he committed suicide by stepping in front of a large freighter and was killed.

Second Zobort

The next year, it had appeared that Zobort had come back from the dead. However, he didn't match the first Zobort's MO. It was eventually discovered by Captain Lindon Driscoll that the new Zobort killer was a crazy man named Dillon Bohn. Bohn had acquired the first Zobort's weapon and, thinking that he was Zobort, he imitated him. He was eventually locked away in the Rhodenheil Maximum Security Prison.

Third Zobort

Fifteen years after the lockup of the second Zobort, a third Zobort came into the spotlight. The identity of the third Zobort is currently unknown. It is believed that the third Zobort is actually not one person, but a small group. There is evidence that they may have worked with the fourth Zobort, though this is not proven.

Fourth Zobort

Little is known about the fourth Zobort. The identity of the fourth Zobort in unknown. It is also unknown whether or not the third and fourth Zobort are even separate entities. However, if he is to be believed, it is neither the second nor third Zobort. He also claims that he is the first Zobort, though this is unconfirmed. He claims that he is opposed to the third Zobort for mimicking him.


Hero Factory

  • The H Team
  • Preston Stormer
  • Hugo Hak

Makuhero City Police Department

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  • The idea of four different Zoborts is to keep continuity between The H Team story, the Zobort article, and the Investigation of Inspector Blore.
  • The First and Fourth Zobort may be the same person.