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Zombie King







Hero Factory

"My zombies will take Hero Factory, then Makuhero City and destroy it like a real zombie apocalypse"
―Zombie King, in a transmission to Gold Team

The Zombie King is a criminal mastermind that takes the corpses of dead heroes and villains then reanimates them into zombies, all of which become evil. The zombies become part of an army called the Forsaken Legion, put together by Zombie King to destroy Hero Factory and Makuhero City, in some kind of zombie apocalypse thing. Luckily, Hero Factory created Gold Team to combat the Forsaken Legion and Zombie King. 


Zombie King was a mining robot in his early life, mining Quaza and other valuable gems and ores. But one day, a huge explosion destroyed the mine, wrecking Zombie King's robot brain. He made the decision to call him self Zombie King, creating zombie robots to destroy Makuhero City. He killed enough Hero Factory staff to create an army, and he also killed countless civilians throughout the galaxy. He was on death row on almost every planet, due to the countless murders that he committed. He was never captured. Then Gold Team was created. 

Fighting Gold Team

Zombie King had an army on hand, so he launched an assault on Hero Factory. Alexander Backbiter and the rest of Gold Team delayed the attack by flying a hero pod straight into the zombies. Gold Team had to destroy all the zombies to get to Zombie King, so Zombie King sent out spider-like creatures similar to Black Phantom's spiders, but they are massive, and they attacked Gold Team, killing one member. Gold Team was overwhelming the zombies quickly. The spiders were the only things protecting Zombie King. Zombie King called an ally of his, another criminal mastermind named Dr. Fear, to pick him up from the battle. Dr. Fear arrived, in his Fearpod, and Zombie King ran to the pod, but Alexander Backbiter saw Zombie King running to the ship through a sniper scope, and Backbiter took a shot, using his last bullet, and killed Zombie King.

Zombie King's body was taken to Hero Factory to analyze how his robot brain got so messed up. The scientists failed to find a cause, and we will never know what happened to Zombie King's brain. Some say a prototype model of the Brain Attack brains possessed him, but there was no evidence of a brain at all.

During Breakout, Dr. Fear obtained Zombie King's body, and tried to bring him back to life, but was captured before he could try.